How Adaptive BIKETOWN's Bicycle Program Works
​* Review bike & accessory options​
* Complete rider profile(s)
* Select reservation date & location
* Enter contact information
* Meet at selected BIKETOWN location 15 minutes before rental time
* Sign waiver and remit payment (about 5 minutes)
* Complete bike fitting process with BIKETOWN staff (10 minutes - 1 hour)
 Services Included
The following services are included with your bike rental:
  • Fitting for the available adaptive bikes
  • Bike helmet (included with bike rental)
  • Mobility device storage during rental time
  • Crate storage of service animal during rental time
Services Not Included
The following services are not included:
  • Transfer from mobility device to adaptive bike (i.e. customers will need to do so on their own or with the assistance of friend, family member and/ or caregiver)
  • Emergency pick up (i.e. if customer cannot return to the bike shop on their own) - however, Kerr Bikes will provide customers with a phone number that they can call in case of emergency.  If they are available, they will make an effort to assist.