Hand-Powered Bikes

  1. Excelerator XLT
    Excelerator XLT
    The XLT Handcycle features a lightweight aluminum frame in a recumbent handcycle design which enhances aerodynamics and 15 degrees of camber to increase stability. It has a tall, narrow back which offers the maximum range of motion and increased power transfer. Transfers in are easy but getting out is a bit more difficult since the seat height is about 12″ from the floor. With practice this does get easier!!
  2. HT-3 Hand-Trike
    HT-3 Hand-Trike
    The HT-3 is an entry level hand-powered trike with a hand-powered 3-Speed Shimano drive train. Seat positioning and rider transfer are simple. The HT-3 has an adjustable crank height, forward and aft seat adjustment and independently adjustable foot rests to give all riders a custom fit. Cambered rear wheels and a long wheelbase give this trike exceptional stability, and the front parking brake facilitates a safe transfer.
  3. Li'L Excelerator
    Li'L Excelerator
    The Li’l Excelerator is stable, very maneuverable and is safe for even the first-time handcyclist. The 3-speed hub includes a reverse coaster brake which is great because your child’s hands will be positioned on the handpedals ready to stop. Transferring in and out of it is very easy with its low to the ground frame design. Totally adjustable, the Lil’ Excelerator-2 Handcycle will fit children 42″ to 60.” It features a simple fore-aft (forwards/backwards) sliding seat, uncomplicated adjustable footrest system and a straightforward crank height adjustment.

Foot-Powered Bikes

    The Eco Delta SX has a fully adjustable mesh-back saddle with a padded bottom that keeps you cool and comfortable on long outings. There are spare bottle mounts on the handlebar and seat frame to let you carry plenty of hydration for the long hauls.
  2. Trident Spike N380
    Trident Spike N380
    Spike is an excellent entry level trike. Spike is perfect for parks and trails.

Multi-Person Bikes

  1. Sun Side-By-Side Tandem
    Sun Side-By-Side Tandem
    This side-by-side bike is intended for two people and comes with a built-in cargo platform. It is designed for comfort, stability, easy and efficient riding. Co-Captain steering means that either rider can pilot the vehicle. The dual-drive allows people with different physical abilities to ride together, with either rider generating from 0 to 100 percent of the power.
  2. Tandem
    This tandem includes multiple gears and hand brakes.

Other Bikes Available for Rent

  1. Double Surrey
    Double Surrey
  2. Single Surrey
    Single Surrey
  3. Deuce Coupe
    Deuce Coupe
  4. Chopper
  5. Quad Sport
    Quad Sport
  6. Traditional Bike
    Traditional Bike
  7. Tandem
  8. Kids Bike
    Kids Bike

Adaptive Accessories

  1. Quad Cuff
    Quad Cuff
    The Quad Cuff Grips are a good choice for someone with limited grip strength who wishes to ride with their hands in an ergonomic verticle position. The grip is vinyl coated and can be bent somewhat to accommodate the size and feel for the rider.
  2. Calf Support
    Calf Support
    These pedals provide firm support for the leg but enables the ankle to flex naturally, allowing for a circular pedaling motion.
  3. Self-Balancing Pedal
    Self-Balancing Pedal
    This pedal self-balances, keeping the appropriate side up for easy entry of foot. It also provides great stability and prevents the foot from sllipping off.