Discounted Adaptive BIKETOWN Rates
1 Hour​​: $5
3 Hours: $12
Additional Hours: $5/Hour 
Discounted rental rates are available to individuals who qualify for a TriMet Honored Citizens Pass (people with disabilities, Medicare recipients, and seniors age 65 and over).  Individuals who do not have a card may rent these bikes, but the rates will be as defined below.
Standard Rates

Hand Cycles

Excelerator XT: $20
Li'L Excelerator: $15
HT-3 Trike: $15

Foot Cycles

Eco Delta Trike: $15
Spike 380 Trike: $15
Chopper: $15
Quad Sport: $15
Traditional Bike: $12
Kids Bike: $7

Multi-Person Cycles

Double Surrey: $35
Single Surrey: $25
Deuce Coupe: $25
Sun Side x Side: $20
Tandem: $15

Financial Aid

Even with our low rental fees, we want to make sure that everyone is able to ride.  If you are a person with a disability living on a fixed income and the current fee is a financial burden, please check with the bike shop manager as there are limited scholarships available.