Discounted Adaptive BIKETOWN Rates
1 Hour​​: $5
3 Hours: $12
Additional Hours: $5/Hour 
Discounted rental rates are available to individuals who qualify for a TriMet Honored Citizens Pass (people with disabilities, Medicare recipients, and seniors age 65 and over) or for others who self-identify that they are unable to ride a traditional two-wheeled bicycle, whether due to injury, illness or ability. Individuals who do not qualify under these parameters, may rent these bikes, but the rates will be as defined below.  
Standard Rates

Hand Cycles

Excelerator XT: $20
Li'L Excelerator: $15
HT-3 Trike: $15

Foot Cycles

Eco Delta Trike: $15
Spike 380 Trike: $15
Chopper: $15
Quad Sport: $15
Traditional Bike: $12
Kids Bike: $7

Electric Assist
           Eco Delta Trike: $20
           EZ-3: $25

Multi-Person Cycles

Double Surrey: $35
Single Surrey: $25
Deuce Coupe: $25
Sun Side x Side: $20
Tandem: $15

Financial Aid

Even with our low rental fees, we want to make sure that everyone is able to ride.  If you are a person with a disability living on a fixed income and the current fee is a financial burden, please check with the bike shop manager as there are limited scholarships available.